"Our vision is to create a spotlight to empower a connected community through digital media"

ENFOQUE has partnered with Stanford's Department of Music and their Spring Ethnomusicology course "Listening to the Local" to film short video narratives of Bay Area Musicians and Artists for a digital map that documents musical life in the Bay Area. 

ENFOQUE has also partnered with 1 Grain to 1000 Grains, a local non-profit that promotes healthy lifestyles through cooking and finance classes. Enfoque created narratives of their program participants to be featured in the organizations promotional materials.


1 Grain to 1000 Grains is deeply grateful to Enfoque for shooting and editing two outstanding videos for our webpage. Both were provided at no cost, which was essential given our early stage of development as an organization, and accompanying desire to use all of the funds we raise for our community-based programs. The families in our videos volunteered to participate in part because we have developed a long-term relationship with them. Equally importantly, they worked with our videographer Ana, because she is from the community and they knew and trusted her. From this experience I am quite certain that their forthrightness and the warmth they exhibited for their communities would not have come through so nicely absent the trust and rapport they had with Ana.
— Kenneth Singleton, Co-Founder